Line Of Best Fit premier "Saint"

Cairobi dazzle with tangled psych-pop number “Saint”

London-based quartet Cairobi have shared their dazzling new psych-pop number "Saint".

"Saint" is a trippy brew oozing oddball charm, with Middle Eastern-inspired riffs and overblown American psych marbled together to create a knot of leftfield noise. It's heady and lush, with whirring chirrups and shuffly beats and chopped-up vox and more all stabbed into a central nugget of golden vintage rock. It's messy, sure, but it's brilliant.

"Saint" will feature on Cairobi's eponymous debut record, due out 27 January via Some Other Planet.

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Ghost - Premiered on DIY Magazine

The fizz-pop psych group have unveiled a captivating new single from their incoming debut album.

Every weekday, DIY’s new music know-it-all Neu brings you one essential new release to get obsessed with. Today’s Neu Pick comes from Cairobi.

Warped-minded pop heads Cairobi have never taken the standard route. Early singles ‘Zoraide’ and ‘Gristly Words’ hinted at their ability to twist gloopy psych into palatable morsels, and on ‘Ghost’ they’re solidifying those talents.

Their multinational backgrounds merging into a cross-continental odyssey, ‘Ghost’ takes world music down a pop-tinged path. Shades of Gengahr and UMO pop up amongst the primordial ooze, but Cairobi’s own voice has never sounded so confident.

Stream ‘Ghost’ below - it comes ahead of a handful of dates for the group. Cairobi’s self-titled debut album is out on January 27th via Week Of Wonders.

08 Leeds, Headrow House
09 London, Sebright Arms
10 Bristol, Louisiana

10 Paris, Winter Camp Festival