“Wistful psychedelia akin to Animal Collective” - Clash

“Walls of grunge-gaze fuzz meet polyrhythms and tropical pop” - The Line Of Best Fit

“Floating, decentred psychedelic music that feels festival-ready” - Stereogum

From 1970s krautrock pioneers Can, through Italian songwriter Lucio Battisti, to African polyrhythms and Latin American folk, Cairobi’s influences are far-reaching but their inventive psychedelia sounds enigmatically placeless, as if it was drawn out of an uncharted desert’s sands. Their curious cocktail of tropical-pop and gauzy grunge-gaze emanates from the four-piece’s Italian, Mexican and French backgrounds but they also imbue their music with an intriguing melancholy. For lead singer Giorgio Poti, this meant channelling the sense of disconnection he felt when he moved from London to Berlin and finding a way through the violent migraines he suffered at that time.

Cairobi’s resulting debut album features the hypnotically lush lead single ‘Lupo’, with its exotic grooves and synth-dappled psychedelic haziness. Other highlights include the dizzily wonky funk of ‘Step Aside’ and ‘Systems Of Mutual Doubt’, which sits somewhere between the bubbly, electrotinged freak-folk of Animal Collective and the dreamy, hypnagogia of Ducktails, with a gentle hint of The Flaming Lips’ sanguine psych ballads. The latter ends with the refrain “change is all right”, a phrase which neatly epitomises the back-story, concept and overriding message of the album.